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Improving patient care! Services by a 40+ yr user and professional. Who better to understand?

Hearing loss is both a quality of life issue as well as a safety issue. Hearing loss has been linked to falls, cognitive decline and dementia, inability to focus, decreased physical activity, decreased memory and recall, loss of independence, withdrawal, isolation, depression, anger, frustration, lack of engagement, loss of communication and diminished self-worth. There are literally thousands of seniors out of touch with the world around them.

We offer an OFFICE LOCATION to see patients in Boynton Beach by appointment. Can't get to an office?

Welcome to MOBILE HEARING AID SERVICE, the IN-HOME side of the business providing audiological services conveniently in private residences & facilities for patients no longer willing or able to drive. Our service is full range from hearing testing, hearing aid selection & fitting, service & repairs, parts, supplies and devices to assist the hearing impaired. We serve all Palm Beach county.

I am a provider for United Health Care OPTUM program via EPIC, TRUHEARING, and HEAR IN AMERICA providers. If your insurance provider is any of these then you can have convenience and savings too! If not, my prices are discount based anyway.

I have been a 40+ year hearing aid wearer and hearing health professional. Who better to understand your problem than someone who experiences the same issues. Being in the industry allows me the opportunity to experience new products and technology so I can make product recommendations that are meaningful.

I offer a 7 day/week emergency service (if available). I know what it's like to have your hearing aid stop working at the most inopportune times.

We offer on-site audiological & hearing aid related services in private residences &  assisted living facilities for patients no longer willing or able to drive. Our service is full range from hearing testing, hearing aid selection & fitting, service & repairs, parts, supplies and other helpful  devices. We serve all Palm Beach, Broward, Martin & St. Lucie counties.

Services include complete hearing evaluations, fitting and service of new hearing aids, new digital technology, Bluetooth and rechargeable products& hearing aid repairs. Contact us on line, email or call 561-413-9010.

Finally, realistic prices for premium hearing instruments!!
Frank Goldberg,HAS owner of Mobile Hearing Aid Service/Discount Hearing Aids is a Hearing Aid Specialist. licensed in Florida, and has over 40 years of experience in the industry. Frank has also been wearing hearing aids for over 40 years -- who better to understand the problems of the hearing impaired!
Don't get sucked in by the print or TV ads. Who do you think is paying for them? You are!
We offer hearing instruments from the top A+ manufactures on the market. However, if there is another manufacturer you would like for us to quote, please contact us for assistance today.
We have developed relationships with every manufacturer over many years and we take pride in offering hearing instruments for every budget. Don't hesitate, contact us to compare our prices to what you were quoted. You will be surprised at how much lower we can provide your top of the line hearing aids.
We offer you the lowest prices because we keep our overhead low. You're not paying the same fees with the other guys, you're not paying for advertising, their secretary, their warehouse rent or electric bill.
All purchases can be made right in the privacy of your own home or in our Boynton beach office. Weekend in-home appointments are available for your convenience and we offer a 7 day emergency service if available.
You can save thousands over your local retailer for the same hearing aid!
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